Systemic Interventions in Teams and Organizations – 3 days – ENGLISH

Jan Jacob Stam & Dees van de Hoef

Teams are like living beings with a will of their own and often a very good memory. Sometimes they move in exactly the opposite direction as the members of the team. Who should we address then? The members of the team or the whole thing called ‘team’?

By the way, for ‘team’ you can also read ‘organisation’, ‘department’, ‘startup’, ‘association’ or ‘family business’.

What will we do?

    • In these three days, you will learn how to apply some tried-and-tested systemic interventions in teams. While some of these may be spatial, they are far from being constellations in the classic sense of the word.
    • What you will also learn is what essentially systemic interventions are, and how to create the conditions that they can land.
    • You will explore the question from which place you do the interventions and what effect this has on the outcome.
    • We will explain the ‘orders of interventions’, giving you a deeper sense of: ‘What needs to be done and what could be the first step?’
    • You will be able to explore how your own patterns play into the intervention and your work in the team, and how to use these patterns instead of being counterproductive.
    • We will introduce and practice different interventions, in a way that will enable you to carry them out yourself afterwards.

You are very welcome, whether you are a (team) coach or team leader, manager, business owner, consultant or facilitator of constellations.

Cases of participants are very welcome. We will work with them and use them at the same to learn.

In short: there is a lot to learn here, from hands-on work to developing your capacity as an ‘intervener’. 

15, 16, 17 March 2023 (English) FULL
9, 10, 11 October 2023 (English)  FULL
22, 23, 24 November 2023 (English)