Become a partner

Do you have a thorough foundation in systemic work in organizations?
And do you want to add value to teams and unleash their potential, using the TeamConnect survey as a starting point for succesfull interventions?

It’s possible after this training as a TeamConnect Partner, to be added to our Partner page on the website with your photo, info and contactdetails.

And again a next cycle of four 4,5 hrs online training is starting September 21 th. It’s a global international group! Pay attention to the starting time.


21 september: 07.30 – 12.00 CEST

27 oktober: 7.30 – 12.00 CEST

10 november: 7.30 – 12.00 CET

1 december: 7.30 – 12.00 CET

What will you get out of it?

In these 4 online sessions of 4,5 hrs you will learn:

  • A deep understanding of the systemic principles for teams to flourish
  • How these principles relate to each of the six modules of the TC survey
  • The technical aspects of introducing the survey to a team
  • Reading and interpreting the results in a phenomenological way
  • Upgrading the results into a systemic diagnose of the present state of the team
  • Related to the potential of the team
  • Culminating in answers to the question: ‘what would this system need’
  • Doing so by second order interventions.
  • Preparing the (online) team feedforward session
  • From a non-judgements inner state
  • Holding space for the team as a whole
  • While protecting the ones with the smallest container
  • And doing systemic interventions at the same time
  • While being aware of your own patterns that might interfere
  • Deeply enjoying the humanity and life force in working systems and teams.

On-the-job sessions

We facilitate five times a 1,5 hrs session. These sessions are meant to make the diagnose, to design the team session live or online, to ponder about our position and our own patterns while meeting the team. These sessions are in a very co-creating learning atmosphere.
These sessions can’t be planned too long in advance.

Imagine: you as a participant are invited to apply the TeamConnect survey to a team. The team members complete the survey and a couple of days or one week later, while the survey is still fresh in team members awareness, you have the feedforward session. This leaves you a couple of days to make the diagnose and design and prepare for the team session. This is the moment you ask for a 1,5 hr online meeting with one of the trainers and whoever of the participants can be present. We have the team results available, we share our insights and systemic perception of the present state of the team. We assess where the potential of the team is and what we could contribute to open the doors to this potential.

These very valuable sessions are also recorded and shared among participants. But please note that confidentiality is important to us. We won’t share the name of the company where the team is part of.

  • A thorough foundation in systemic work in organizations
  • Enjoying the art of systemic work in teams and organizations.
  • Having a deep interest in how teams are functioning and what the good reasons might be that they are as they are.
  • Being willing and able to explore and practice in between the modules
  • To have one team available on which you can practice. This team doesn’t pay. They most likely get a lot out of it, and as a balance in take and give you can practice.
  • To have read ‘Systemic Leadership’ (Jan Jacob Stam and Barbara Hoogenboom)
Your investment:
  • €850,- for the training fee (ex VAT), minus your registration fee.
  • Your time, craftsmanship and dedication.

Of course it is highly recommended and the aim to be present during the training sessions. They will be recorded in case you have to miss (a part of) one session in maximum.


Jan Jacob Stam and Dees van de Hoef

And then, what’s next?
When, after the training, you feel ready to apply the TeamConnect survey yourself, we can add you on our website (website now under re-construction) as TeamConnect partner with your own contact details. At the moment there are 18 Dutch partners and soon 18 international partners.

Survey languages
At the moment the surveys are available in Dutch, English and Spanish. With some creativity the surveys have been completed also in Latvian, Chinese and Romanian. Most likely the surveys will be available in more languages in the future.