When should I use TeamConnect?

We are typically called on when there is a sense that a team is not performing at its full potential. So questions around about high rates of absenteeism, high turnover of staff, there is always ‘hassle’ in the team, a vacancy that never seems to be filled, strained relationships with managers and team members.

We are also asked to come in around strategy. For example, where a team knows what it wants but yet it doesn’t seem to be working

In short, when potential is not being met, we can move the dial.

What does TeamConnect look at in a team?

TeamConnect investigates how you are now as a team. What are the unconscious patterns that help the team or frustrate? What qualities should the teaminsource” or take back in order do what we are meant to do? Where is there untapped potential that can lead to new possibilities and to greater success? What does the team need to say goodbye to?

Can I use TeamConnect as a consultant or in my roles as support function?

TeamConnect also helps external team coaches, HR partners and consultants to create a clear picture of a team. We support you gain insights and make the invisible undercurrent visible. It will give you an accurate picture of what contributes and what hinders the whole.

How quickly can TeamConnect be deployed?

From survey results takes less than one week.

Day 1: The participants receive a link to the online tool, with their personal username and password.

Days 2 and 3: They submit their answers. This can be done at a time that suits everyone best.

Days 4 and 5: We process all results into a team result and do an analysis.

Day 6+: Online team meeting with feedback.

How much time does TeamConnect require from participants?

The investment in time per participant is about 120 – 150 minutes.

What is covered in the questions?

TeamConnect consists of 6 online modules:

Part 1: Me in my work and in my team

Part 2: Patterns

Part 3: Team as a whole: team qualities

Part 4: Team Roles

Part 5: Energy meter: where am I and where do I want to be

Part 6: Direct questions

The modules are different than you may be used to from many other online tools. So don’t put any crosses, or give a score from 1 to 5, or ask yes/no. It was not! But very intuitively, because we work with colours, sliding lines, positions, fields of view and images. That makes it unique. And gives very accurate results.

All team members complete the modules individually. This can be done whenever it suits them, within a time frame of 2 days. It takes about an hour to fill in. By the way: we attach great importance to security and anonymity. And we guarantee that. Team results therefore do not contain the names of individual team members.

When we have received all completed modules, we will make a total team report that you can download. We then provide deep and accurate feedback on the results in an online team meeting of approximately one and a half hours and we will talk to you.

Why should I take the survey for my team?

In short, because you want to see your team improve how they perform and work together. And it begins with the willingness to see, feel and experience what lies beneath the surface of your question.

What do we get out of it?

Absolute clarity about where the team is at now; the causes of frustration and how to step in to greater potential.

What is my investment?

Personally: curiosity and openness to see what might not always be visible

Financially: €1500 plus €50 per team member, excl. BTW

What after the survey?

After the survey we share the results with the entire team. We share in such a way that people will understand whats needed for the team.
At that point you can chose to continue on your own: armed with the information you need. Or, we can continue to partner to create interventions.
We can discuss what is best for you after the survey.

How much time does it require from participants?

The survey takes 120 – 150 minutes to complete.
The results meeting is about 90 minutes.

How do I communicate in my team

We would always advocate transparency and honesty. You would like team members to be happy, enjoy work and produce meaningful results for the organisation. TeamConnect is a tool you have choose to support that ambition.

What is the difference between the TeamConnect surveys and other instruments?

TeamConnect is, first off, systemic. In other words: we look at the whole; we don’t only look at symptoms but where and what in the system might be triggering something. If the solutions were obvious, they would have been found and fixed. We look for what is obvious to us; but less so for others.

Do we need to repeat the surveys after some time?

Only if you want to measure development of a team.

Is it only helpful when you experience a problem?

The survey is helpful when you think a team is not yet optimal to operating at its full potential. That maybe result in a clear problems around turnover of staff or ineffectual meetings. It can also just be a feeling.

How do you deal with issues around personal and corporate privacy?

Privacy is fundamental hygiene factor and we take it very seriously. We have a full privacy and theirs policy. But it can be summed up very succinctly: don’t tell, don’t repeat.

In which languages is the survey available?

The survey is available in English, Spanish, Dutch, French and Latvian. More languages will follow.

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