Analysis, Diagnosis and Feedforward

The most important results are probably the four or five highlights that are the result of the analysis and diagnosis made by Dees and Jan Jacob. That is where their expertise of twenty years of working with living systems and organizations comes in. We do this lovingly and relentlessly.
In addition to the insights that this analysis provides, we also give an outlook: what this team or organisation needs and recommendations on what would be a first good step or intervention.

If desired, and through consultation and careful contracting, there is the potential for further follow-up in which Dees and Jan Jacob can carry out interventions with and in the team.

The team results as well as the analysis and diagnosis are the property of the team and are made available to the team after the feedback has been given.

What is not made public are the personal, reflective answers of individual participants when completing the modules of TeamConnect online.

What is the investment?

Our approach is to be very transparent and clear. TeamConnect is an investment of € 1,500 per team plus € 50 per participant. Ex VAT. That’s it, very clear and effective.

For that you get:

  • online personal access per participant to complete and submit the modules
  • the team report
  • analysis of team results and systemic diagnosis
  • 1.5 hour online team meeting for feedback, feedforward of the results and conversation
  • a record of the team meeting will be sent to the team, so that you can watch it later again
  • team results you can print.

What do the results look like?

We display all results graphically – immediately providing you with an image. The graphic of the overall results is like a heat map”, and you will also receive visual representations of the individual results. Please see below, two examples.

These pictures show where team members intuitively are at the time of completion (left: ‘where am I now?) and where they want to be (right: ‘where do I want to be?’), in respect to three elements shown (organization, team, personal).
In addition, they have added their viewing direction and field of view. This field of view can be enlarged or reduced.
The colors of the three larger elements indicate (by means of batteries that are filled in) whether it gives energy, is neutral, or whether it depletes energy.