We make the invisible visible, and workable.

We have created a unique online survey that makes invisible undercurrents in your team visible and workable.

Business, life and family is already complicated enough. This is simple and only five steps.
  1. Simply answer some wonderfully (and cleverly) crafted questions
  2. We will spend a couple of hours explaining what the answers
  3. We’ll make some suggestions and give some examples
  4. Send you on your way to practice
  5. Be available to answer any questions
The process is simple: From survey results takes less than one week.

Day 1: The participants receive a link to the online tool, with their personal username and password.

Days 2 and 3: They submit their answers. This can be done at a time that suits everyone best.

Days 4 and 5: We process all results into a team result and do an analysis.

Day 6+: Online team meeting with feedback.


Then you’re done.

What’s kind of questions do we ask?


To what extent do you feel secure about your place in the team?


To what extent can you really use your talents, necessary for your work?


Is your team sufficiently seen and heard in the whole of the organisation?


What percentage of your team’s potential (the potential that is present in the team, but not yet fully exploited) is currently being used?


To give you an idea: on this last question, the average of about 1000 respondents from 90 teams we worked with was 68%.