‘Live’: the online constellation tool.

Live is a super simple and accessible online constellation tool. You can use it very easily on your tablet or laptop.

Special and unique

  • As a coach/facilitator you can send a link to the participants in your constellation, so that everyone can participate and move the elements themselves at your invitation.
  • And: logically, both the place and the view direction can be adjusted.  And what makes Live also unique is that you can also adjust the size of the field of view. Are you more focused? Or do you have a broader view? Extremely valuable as additional information.


  • A subscription to Live costs only € 15 per month for unlimited use by one user. And without bulky manuals. And without ‘hidden unpleasant surprises’. Just as long as you want.
  • You can register via the subscription field on the right. You will be redirected to our secured payment page via Mollie. 
  • Your subscription starts on the day of your registration and runs per month by means of your permission for an automatic debit. You can cancel your subscription at any time at the end of your current month. This can be done very easily, by sending an email to info@teamconnect.global

How does it work?

As a coach, facilitator, and user of Live you can constellate online as much and as often as you want. You can do that with as many people as clients or participants as you want at the same time, via a link that you can share with participants. The only thing we ask of you is to keep your login details to yourself. But that makes sense to us 😉

Not a thick manual 🙂

Using Live is very accessible and easy.  As a coach you can add elements, give them a name, give them a desired color, change names or delete them. Then anyone in the session can move the element and adjust the direction of view. Of course you can determine this yourself and coordinate with the participants.

What do you use Live for?

  • Live is very applicable in one-on-one coaching For example, a coaching by telephone where you decide to do a constellation with Live. You use both the speaker or earphones to understand each other, while you open a Live screen on your mobile and can do a constellation.
  • But also: constellate with several members of a team or family.
  • Online workshops: if you do constellations in and with the group of participants. Roughly like a constellation workshop where the participants are present in the room in person. When you combine Live with Zoom, you also have the extra option to invite other participants to be representative in the constellation. That gives an extra dimension and value, whereby the constellation as a whole can be seen in Live.
  • Live is helpful in training situations, for example for people who want to learn to facilitate constellations.
  • Finally, the tool is also very useful for intervision and supervision groups. And here again: in combination with Zoom (or another program) you have both image and sound

What is it not?

Unfortunately: Live doesn’t make you a better facilitator or coach. It is a practical tool. Precisely because it is so simple and the technology causes so little interference, all attention can go to the client and you can optimally use your skills and qualities as a coach or facilitator.

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