Ingrid van der Aa

Sydney, Australia
Den Bosch, Netherlands

Languages: English and Dutch/Nederlands



How would you like to have a culture where everyone is engaged and performing well and your recurring team issues are resolved once and for all?

I am Ingrid, a Culture Coach with over two decades of experience as a leader and a coach. I help leaders to develop and sustain a healthy company culture. A healthy culture is a workplace that is a safe environment for its employees to reach their full potential. A place where everyone has the sense of belonging, sense of connection, have their own place and clarity of their contribution to the company’s purpose. Everyone feels good.

When people do not feel good in an organisation, that is where I come in. I help individual leaders and teams with underperforming and unsatisfied employees to improve their culture. While others offer band-aids, I provide immediate, lasting solutions by seeing organisations as human systems, not machines. The TeamConnect survey is an excellent starting point. In the programs I offer, your culture will be re-set and your people will be freed to deliver the performance you are looking for. People who feel good perform better.
Let’s chat; I look forward to working with you.