Ivan and Mariana Polic

We work in English and Serbian languages.
We live in Yorba Linda, California.

“We are committed to free as many leaders, teams and organizations as possible to overflow with their natural goodness individually and collectively.” 

In the last 12 years, Ivan and Mariana have served as advisors to small and medium-sized businesses, on some 300 plus board of director meetings, in various industries and economic sectors. They find leverage points in high impact times to ensure sustainability, in and out of crisis.  

As Executives in the Aerospace Industry, over the last 20 years, they navigated through the minefield of succession, tripled the company’s revenue and created a wholesome 8-figure exit.  

Through proven strategies and systemic principles, Ivan and Mariana advise leaders and organizations into alignment, impact and freedom beyond traditional success.  

In their former life, Ivan was a professional footballer in first division of Serbia and Los Angeles Galaxy in the United States.  Being on teams, leading teams and supporting teams is a huge passion for them.  Revealing the unseen truth of how things really are is a skillset that many clients rave about and leverage in their engagements. 

In their Impact Council, Advisory Board of Directors program they continue to make a difference year after year in team dynamics, operations, financial sustainability, strategy and leadership.