Ligia Cremene

Based in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania

Languages: English, Romanian, French, Italian

My passion is unlocking the joy of living at full potential and the creative flow in people and organizations. I do my work as a friendly challenger and a creative companion who believes that anything can be transformed and moved in the direction of flowing potential. I also act as a true mirror for people and teams, which can be so liberating and empowering for them.

As a multi-disciplined professional, I have been trained and gained experience in various areas of expertise. My background is in engineering, where I’ve got a PhD, and worked in research projects and academia for almost 20 years. I later trained in Organizational Psychology, Coaching and Systemic Facilitation. What summarizes my professional work is systems thinking & feeling, interdisciplinarity, and managing complexity. 

Companies and people I work with are interested in: leadership development, organizational health & development, culture design, performance optimization, process optimization, creativity & innovation, technology transfer, conflict management, team development.