Lo Kei Fiona Leung (Fiona)

Website:  merxo.co
Email:  fiona@merxo.co
WhatsApp:  +85298666550
Based at:  Hong Kong, China
Languages:  English, Chinese

I am  a psycho-spiritual seeker and always curious about “who am I and what are we doing here”.

Passion &  Professional Focus:
As an engineer, operations manager and project manager working in corporate for two decades, I am also a psycho-spiritual seeker and always curious about “who am i and what are we doing here”.  Personal quest has given me the ability to understand the symbolic language of its nuance and context. This turns out to be very beneficial when entering the systemic knowing field, and has affected me personally and vocationally.

Empowered by the powerful TeamConnect tool and a clear-view to identify key issues and themes, I seek and guide teams to connect to their movements and potential.  It moves me to see the quiet smiles on people’s faces when a light bulb comes on and talents start to flow, and when the team joins hands and blooms with life energy moving through them to become a healthy, thriving team of conscious human beings and leaders.