Daniela Sovinec & Petra Fuskova

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia                                                                                                       Languages we work in: Slovak, English, Body language 😊
Website: www.maxilogy.sk                                                                

 petra.fuskova@maxilogy.sk, +421 905 444 229              

daniela.sovinec@maxilogy.sk, +421 903 159 484

Cultivating the whole person at work – not just the employee. Cultivating the team – not just the sum of individuals. Cultivating healthy relations for sustainable organization’s growth.


From our own experience we can confirm that focusing on available human potential is key to finding solutions. When helping individuals and teams to discover and use their strengths, we enjoy the beauty of looking at their topics through systemic lenses and enabling new insights.                                                                                                                                            Our 15 + 15 years of business experience is mainly from corporate environment, working in various leadership roles. We have been coaching, mentoring and facilitating individuals and teams for more than 10 years. In all that you can benefit from both – our successes and failures.