Tameron Chapell

aThinka Ltd
Live in Oxford, England and work internationally
Languages I work in: English or multi-lingually with translation
My background and first home was in academia as a researcher and lecturer in Psychology and Statistical Methods. The love of a model, theory and evidence base stays with me in my work today as a Chartered Occupational Psychologist but I now enjoy looking at the world through the different lenses of systemic constellations, Internal Family Systems and Transactional Analysis. They may seem strange bedfellows but I enjoy finding ways to integrate and acknowledge the contribution from each position and use them all to find ways to meet clients in their own place. Simply put, I work from the ‘inside out’ and the ‘outside in’ with individuals, with teams and with organisations to help people find the answers in their own experiences by understanding which questions to ask.
I create leadership programmes, coach senior executives and senior leadership teams, support organisational culture change (especially in the EDI space), personality profile executive-level candidates and continue to learn from every one of them about the human condition.