TeamConnect BOOST! ~ 2 day online training teamsurvey

October 20 and December 1, 2021

Are you working in or with a team where you feel there is still unused potential, or the team is stuck without a clear cause? TeamConnect can provide the systemic diagnosis from which you or the team can proceed.

TeamConnect is a survey, which assesses the present state of a team or organization related to its potential. Every voice of every team member is of equal value. The tool encourages to self-reflect, to take responsibility and to action. It gives a crystal clear diagnose of the main patterns and team roles in the team as a whole. It brings to the surface what’s often partly invisible in the undercurrent. Without any judgement. TeamConnect: ideal as a jump start for the next step in team development.

In this two-day training you get that jump start including the single use of TeamConnect for a team or organization of your choice.

Applying the TeamConnect survey

If you want to intervene in a team, three things are important:

  • First, make sure you have an appropriate systemic diagnosis.
  • Second, know what kind of interventions are most promising.
  • Third, make sure you have a position in or in relation with the team from which you cannot only intervene, but which is also a place from which interventions are accepted.

Learning on the job

This is a short program, in which you will be familiarized with all three aspects above plus an effective introduction to looking at teams through a systemic lens.

TeamConnect is a tool that allows you to make a very accurate, recognizable ánd meaningful systemic diagnosis of team. Team members complete the survey online. At that moment, the self-reflection of each team member already starts. From the answers from (almost) all team members a clear systemic diagnosis of the team can be made.

You learn to distinguish between 1st, 2nd and 3rd order interventions in order to sense which type of intervention is the most promising for the team at hand.

You explore your own position, and if necessary do something to grow into an upgraded version of yourself from which your interventions can have more impact.

Something for me?

We think the TeamConnect Boost program is attractive for team leaders, team coaches, consultants and everyone who is connected or contributing to a team in which something blocks or unused potential wants to be unleashed. It’s good to be a bit adventurous.

And: you need to be familiar with a bit more than the basics of the Systemic Phenomenological Approach in Organizations.

What do I get for it?

  • A boost, a quatum leap in what to do with your team at hand.
  • The single use of TeamConnect tool for the benefit of this team.

What is it not?

  • It’s not a training in systemic work or constellations.
  • This is not the training to be able to make a systemic analysis and diagnosis all by yourself.
  • This is not the TC partner training with the aim of applying TC yourself, certified.

For these last two bullets, three extra days plus intervision are required in the TC-Partner program.

What do I have to do myself?

Being willing to clumsy around and especially willing to park my current views, judgments and opinions on the teams I’m working with.

Finding a team yourself where you can practice to introduce the survey, harvest the results, practice making a diagnose and answer to the question: what does this team need? And last but not least: host the (online) feedforward to the team. For the team this is free of charge.

How long?

Twice a day of six hours online, about 3-4 weeks apart from each other.
In between the two days you offer the TC Survey to a team and try to make already yourself to come to a systemic diagnose.

How many are we?

A maximum of twelve fellow participants, all of whom also deal with a team.

What will it cost me or us?

875, (within NL excl VAT, outside NL no VAT).  In addition to the two days, you also get the single use of TeamConnect for your team of choice.

Where and when?

• Online, so from your favorite place with sufficient internet connection.
• Dates: October 20 and December 1, 2021
• Working hours: 9.30 am – 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm -5.30 pm (CET)


Dees van de Hoef and Jan Jacob Stam
Dees is an experienced interim manager with a lot of Pippi Longstocking energy
Jan Jacob is pretty experienced in the field of systemic work.
Together they developed TeamConnect
If you want to know more about us you can look at “who are we”.

Curious about what we are going to do? 

Day 1:

  • Check-in: who are we and what are our main issues for this training.
  • Setting the clocks: intro systemic work from a team perspective.
  • What is a systemic diagnosis?
  • Types of interventions, which are the ones I’m familiar with and which are the ones I would like to develop or deepen.
  • Understanding the survey: a quick overview to explain in which systemic principles the tool is built.
  • Exploring your position related to the team at hand. Mini-constellations.
  • Technical introduction in the survey: how to create teams in the survey, how to create passwords; examples of introduction letters to the teams etc.

Between day 1 and 2:

  • Participants launch the survey in ‘their’ team.
  • From the results participants make a systemic diagnose. Our experience is that often participants want to do this in pairs.
  • Participants make practical appointments with their team about the date of the online report, preferably after the second day, April 13th.
  • Dees and Jan Jacob also get access from you to the results of your team, in order they also can make a systemic diagnose of your team.

Day 2:

  • Check-in, collecting questions and topics to be addressed.
  • Making some systemic diagnoses together.
  • Designing interventions, group work. Exploring some common interventions such as: growing beyond patterns; reset; the insourcing of lost capabilities.
  • Mini constellations to explore for each participant from which systemic place interventions in the team are the most promising and/or to get a deeper sense of the dynamics in the team.
  • With a lot of luggage, inspiration and clarity from your inner place, and inner knowing what needs to be done, on your way to your team for the online report, feedforward and first intervention. Also here our experience is that some participants prefer to tho that online session with the team together.