When do you use TeamConnect?

  • When you want to get to the essence of your team in an extremely effective and time efficient way
  • If you want your team to be more successful, engaged and happier.
  • If you want a straightforward approach that does not require a lot of time from employees.

TeamConnect is a multi-purpose tool that is helpful for teams that have questions and/or are looking for new possibilities.

For all forms of teams within all forms of organizations and partnerships. In all branches. And from boardroom to operational teams.

It’s adds value when there are outstanding questions, such as ‘what else is here, and how can we get to the core?’
It’s especially helpful when you know that there is
“even more to come” but cannot yet get a finger on exactly what that is, how and where.

TeamConnect explores how you are as a team. It helps to uncover the unconscious patterns that help and/or frustrate the team. It highlights the qualities that should be insourced and ensures the team are set up to do what they are meant to do. It identifies the untapped potential that can ultimately lead to new opportunities, and further success. It also provides clarity on what is gone forever and perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to.

TeamConnect is also ideal as a starting point. A kind of point zero measurement. A starting point for shorter or longer journeys in the organization that are, for example, focused on development and training. TeamConnect also helps team coaches, HR partners and consultants to get a clear picture very quickly.

We help you to gain insights,  from the sub- and unconscious. We make visible what was invisible – we dive for ‘the pearls’. These ‘pearls’ can help the team get a clear picture of what contributes to, but also what hinders the whole. We can provide a different view, new insights and perspective and we are always focused on what is possible – the potential and how you can then use it!

How quickly can you deploy TeamConnect and when do you get results?

Deploying TeamConnect and receiving the results can be done very quickly and potentially within less than a week, when required.

Day 1:
Participants will receive an email with a link to the online tool, with their personal username and password.

Day 2 and 3:
Then they have two days to participate and submit their answers. This can be done at a time that suits everyone best.

Day 4 and 5:
We process all results into a team result and perform an analysis and diagnosis.

Day 6:
Online team meeting with feedback can take place on day 6 or at another time, dependent on what works best for the team.

How much time does TeamConnect require from participants?

The investment in time per participant is approximately 2.5 hours. How does that work?

TeamConnect consists of 6 online modules:

Part 1: Me in my work and in my team

Part 2: Patterns

Part 3: Team as a whole: team qualities

Part 4: Team roles

Part 5: Energy meter: where am I and where do I want to be

Part 6: Direct questions

The format of the modules is different from many other online tools – no tick boxes, or scoring from 1 to 5, or yes / no questions. Its’ very intuitive – we work with colors, sliding lines, positions, fields of view and images. It brings a unique approach and provides very accurate results.

All team members complete the modules (these take up to one hour to complete in total) at a time suitable to them, within a timeframe of two days.

Security and anonymity are a high priority, and this is guaranteed to participants – team results therefore do not contain the names of individual team members.

Upon completion of the modules by the team, a total team report is generated that can be downloaded, followed by a deep and accurate feedback session in an online team meeting.  The duration of this is generally one and a half hours and will discussed with you in advance.