What we do is simple.

With the online TeamConnect surveys we make the invisible visible and manageable and you gain insight into how you can tap into the still unused potential of your team or organization.


In the powerful short programs we share our knowledge and experience with interventions in the undercurrent. You experience and learn how to initiate impactful movements yourself.


And if you want a real deep-dive, then the 6 day intensive ‘Movements of Transformation’ is for you.

What if you could  create a permanent shift in the way you work together?

Imagine the difference a 10% increase in productivity, energy, enjoyment and connection would mean for the people in your team?

We have worked with over ninety teams to create a permanent shift in the way they work. Both how individuals within a team work together, and how that team connects with other teams.

We do it all online, oh and it takes hours not weeks.

The shifts we create.

From energy absorbing to high performance
From burn out to effortless
From presenteeism to energy giving
From absenteeism to loving Monday
From under performance to drive by a shared purpose
From stress to sustainable results
From vagueness to claret
From old patterns to new rhythms

And if we’re honest, we’ve gotten really good at it.
We don’t do retreats
We don’t take you into the woods
We don’t bring in consultants
We don’t charge by the hour
You don’t have to build a raft or talk about your mother
You won’t eat locusts
We’re pretty done with PowerPoints
You don’t need to commit to a six month journey
You’ll never do a downward facing dog (well not with us anyway)
Curious what we can do for you? Leave your contact details and we’ll get back to you soon.

Who do we work with?

Out of confidentiality we mention here the categories of organizations we worked with, not their names.


Postal organization

Food production

Association for autism


Consultancy companies

Homes for the elderly

Hospitals, teams of surgeons, teams of medical analysts

Media multinational



Food retail company

Schools (primary, secondary, vocational)

Mental healthcare organization

Youth-care organization

Pharmaceutical company

Medical services company

Sales and distribution companies

Countries where client companies are based:











 “They survey quickly revealed the undercurrents that were impacting our team on a daily basis. We were able to focus our energy on making these visible and fixing them as a team. I am a very satisfied team leader!”

Team leader Hospital

“The assessment and especailly the feedback session proved to be an amazing, fast and, effective kick off intervention that released the energy in this team. It was pure systemic acupuncture. Wonderful”

Noemí Viedma Ponce, Systemic Focus