Our belief, is simple.

A better place of work creates a better human beings. Better fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. Better leaders in our communities, better economies and an (even) better world. Were creating a better world, one team at a time.

It is a belief forged in the fire of corporate life, systemic constellations, leadership development, and working with families.

But in a world with countless (and some brilliant) consultants seeking to improve organisations with their own brand of patent magic, what does that mean practically? And how are we different?

90% of our work is completed in five days. Or put another way, you’ll see sustainable results within three days.

Your team results are benchmarked against the 90+ teams we have already worked with.

Everything is online.

We work with the entire system.

Our approach is based on fifty years of practical experience and insights.

There is no contact and no complicated payment terms.

Think of us as your team chiropractor. The phenomenon of a system is that it works as if it has a mind and body of its own. When you have a headache, the doctor gives your paracetamol. The chiropractor resets your lower back that is triggering the muscle tension at the top of the spine. The symptoms and the cause are not in the same place. Find and reset the cause of the pain and you don’t need to keep taking the paracetamol.

We’re creating a better world, one team at a time.

When do you use TeamConnect?

Easy. When you want to get the core of making the team brilliant. (By brilliant, we mean highly effective, delivering results, sustainable, happy etc.) It is designed for all teams in all organisations. Boardroom to Cloakroom. Large Corporate to small family run businesses. The dynamics and the patterns are pretty much the same.
Let’s make it more tangible. These are the typical questions we are approach about:


high turnover of staff

Disengaged team members

Everything feels like an uphill struggle

Vacancies that are never filled

Consistent communication clashes

Where do we go next?

The questions we ask explore six major themes:

TeamConnect consists of 6 online modules:

Part 1: Me in my work and in my team

Part 2: Patterns

Part 3: Team as a whole: team qualities

Part 4: Team Roles

Part 5: Energy meter: where am I and where do I want to be

Part 6: Direct questions

And these are not yes and no questions but something altogether more intrinsic and expressive. We work with colours, sliding lines, positions, fields of view and images. It’s about the lost art of ‘feeling’ and it produces incredibly accurate results.
We have more information at our FAQ. Or feel free to email Jan Jacob or Dees – we love to talk about this!

About Us

Jan Jacob Stam, Managing Partner

Jan Jacob has been passionate about systemic work with organisations since 1996. As a biologist, manager, consultant, founder of several companies and now TeamConnect it is his curiosity that drives him.

“My pattern is to dive into phenomena that I don’t really like. I want to understand. I want to feel how they work with my mind and my heart.I am especially curious about living systems need in order to do what they are meant to do.

If I find new insights about how teams function after a seminar or working with a team, it gives me energy and I have a fantastic day!”

Dees van de Hoef, Managing Partner

Dees van de Hoef wants to get the best out of people and teams. Her motto is “it ís possible”.

Once trained as an HR manager and an environmental expert, she worked for a number of years at various companies in various positions until she found the place where she stands today – as a self-employed person.

She has gained her broad work experience in (interim) project management, HR management, managerial positions for multiple teams, policy advice and as a trainer, flight instructor and especially through her Pipi Longstocking mindset “I have never done it before, so I think I can “. She has now co-founded TeamConnect, with Jan Jacob Stam.

She likes to color outside the lines, with humor, and is always respectful.